Final Project: One Minute Film

Our one minute short film:



During the planning of our one minute filming, it took a while to find a date and time where everyone was available and able to attend and film the shoot therefore we had a few issues within the group at the start, something that will be improved and more organised for our final film shoot.

However once this was resolved, we found the rest of the process ran fairly smoothly; we managed to book equipment and use it with no problem. One thing that we were particularly limited to was location; placed we were allowed to film and places we were able to get to.  As this was just a mock film, practicing for our real short film, we decided to keep it simple and use a public outside space for the entirety of the film. However we were aware this does limit the overall professionalism of the product, therefore for our final product, we will use multiple locations and ensure the required paperwork will be completed, to add depth and complex narrative to make it seem more believable and professional.