Final Project: One Minute Film

Our one minute short film:



During the planning of our one minute filming, it took a while to find a date and time where everyone was available and able to attend and film the shoot therefore we had a few issues within the group at the start, something that will be improved and more organised for our final film shoot.

However once this was resolved, we found the rest of the process ran fairly smoothly; we managed to book equipment and use it with no problem. One thing that we were particularly limited to was location; placed we were allowed to film and places we were able to get to.  As this was just a mock film, practicing for our real short film, we decided to keep it simple and use a public outside space for the entirety of the film. However we were aware this does limit the overall professionalism of the product, therefore for our final product, we will use multiple locations and ensure the required paperwork will be completed, to add depth and complex narrative to make it seem more believable and professional.


Practice: 1 Minute Film | Filming

When it came down to the filming of our 1 minute film, we did come across a number of slight issues we needed to solve.

One was the actual members of our group and when everyone was able to film. Quite early on, it became clear that finding a time in the week when everyone was free and location that is accessable to everyone was an issue. We found ourselves cancelling and re-scheduling filming multiple times to ensure all the group was able to attend, however this was disrupted once again by a member dropping the subject completely. However this then made it much easier for the remaining 3 of us to organise a date, time and place.

Another was locations, we initially knew that finding a bar that would allow us to film in would be difficult, especially as all the members of our group were underage. Therefore after much research and knock backs, it was clear that finding one would be too complicated for the small task we needed it for. Therefore we decided to rethink our location and synopsis.

We decided to change location therefore the overall summary and plot of the storyline had to change slightly.

Instead of a grave we used a memorial bench, and used this throughout the whole of the film and instead of the gun we used pills – to overdose instead of shoot himself.

This seemed to work and go much more smoothy, therefore we were able to film it in an afternoon with no issues.

We had no issues editing afterwards, as we had the lesson prior to practice.

This is the link to our completed 1 Minute Film, See You on the Other Side.

Practice: 1 Minute Film | Kit & Equipment

Kit List:

  • Canon 600D 0393 Camera x1
  • Libec Tripod x1
  • Light panel x2
  • SD Card x1
  • M58 0555 Microphone x1
  • Marantz PMD 661 x1

kit list booking site

We found the equipment itself fair easy to understand and use, this is mainly due to the practice lesson we did at the beginning of the year which helped us know everything we needed to know for all the equipment we’d be using.

Although it was the middle of the day when we were due to film, therefore lighting wouldn’t really be an issue, we decided to book out 2 light panels anyway to help give a more professionalism to the film. We found that this did give the desired effect and gave a more crisp and clean finish to our film.

Although we didn’t have any dialogue in the film, we still booked a mic and audio recorder to record any ambient sound to make the film look more realistic and believable as well as getting as much use and practice with all the equipment we could to develop our skills for when we film our final project.

Practice: 1 Minute Film | Location

Original intended locations and plot:

1.) Grave Yard

2.) Bar / Kitchen

Cycler Narrative – ends where it begins – also answers the audiences questions of why he is upsets and what he feels the need to do.

When it came down to choosing a location for our 1 minute film, we decided it needed to be accessible for all members of the group and reachable within a limited travel time to ensure we had as much time to film as possible in the available time we had.

Due to this, after some research we discovered there was not a Grave Yard near enough to our location to be able to maximise potential filming time, therefore decided to change our plot from in a Grave Yard, to man visiting a memorial bench.

Therefore we found a location called Southend Cliff Gardens, where there were a number of benches to choose from, as well as setting a elegant and tranquil setting for our film.location of 1 min film

southend-cliff-gardensPhoto credit:

The location was within 15 minute walk away from our location at college, which was a vital element as no member of our group was able to drive and we wanted to keep budget and spending to a minimum.

Location for one minute filom map.png

Overall, the finding and filming was fairly simple. Although we did have to change slight plot ideas from our original synopsis, we were still able to get our narrative across successfully and was happy with the outcome of the location in general as it set the correct atmosphere – a relaxed, clean, spacious environment – we were trying to convey.

Practice: 1 Minute Film | Synopsis & Storyboard

Short Film Synopsis Idea 1:

‘See you on the other side’

Genre: Drama

  • Man visis grave, places flowers down
  • Goes into a bar – drinks (and drinks)
  • Man kills himself with a gun

With reference to Tzvetan Todorov:

Equilibrium: Visits Grave

Disruption: Visually unhappy

Recognition: He drinks

Repair: Kills himself 

New equilibrium: He is now dead.



Shot 1:
Long Shot – Him walking to the grave

Shot 2:
Close up – Man/face

Shot 3:
Long shot – Across the bar

Shot 4:
Quick close up shots – The glasses being put down after them being finished

Shot 5:
Close up – Man/face

Shot 6:
Close up – Gun

Shot 7:
Mid Shot – Man with gun, ready to pull the trigger

Shot 8:
Panning shot – Towards the photo on the side. Audio of gunshot in the background

Shot 9:
Long shot – Two Grave, side by side. One with flowers



Practice: Equipment

Notes on how to properly and professionally use the camera equipment to create the best possible result for our films.

– Set dial to ‘movie camera’ icon

– Always have the lens set on MF

– Use the end ring of the lens to adjust the focus.


– Q – Set – Menu

– Then select the lighting choice.


– AV – use the (+) and (-) button

– Use the scroller to adjust

– Get the balance right ensure the lighting isn’t under or over exposed.


– Wheel near the shutter

– Change to shoot in slow motion.



Back Light – Use behind the subject:

Purpose is to provide definition and subtle highlights around the subject’s outlines. This helps separate from the background and provide a three-dimensional look.

Fill Light – Secondary light

Used to fill the shadows created by the key. Its usually softer and less bright than the main light. To get this, you can move the light further away or use it as a diffuser.

Key Light – Main light

Strongest and has the most influence on the look of the scene. It is placed to one side of the camera / subject so that this side is well lit and the other side is some shadow.