Evaluation: Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?



Evaluation: Question 2

Question 2:

How effective is the combination of your media products and ancillary texts?

It was important that my print media products supported my film as in the industry; this would add a USP to the marketing and promotion of my film. Large film companies would produce various trailers, posters, magazine articles, adverts and sponsorships as well as a heavy use of social media marketing. For example, it could be argued that the success in the business of Hollywood blockbusters is more dependent on the art of marketing than the art of filmmaking. Most Hollywood blockbusters only have one or two when they are the ‘big movie’ in cinemas, so studios need to build and channel the awareness/excitement for a movie to ensure that everyone goes to see it during this period. Therefore the average budget for a Hollywood film was $150.6 million and the average combined marketing spend was $121.1 million – which is over 80% of the overall budget. Therefore making it a crucial element of the industry and helps the promotion of the product which means its able to gain success as it engages the correct target audience. This is way it is important that my ancillary texts matched my genre and concept of my film, as then it is easier for my target audience to be able to recognise the identity of the genre and the film to be able to meet the expectations the audience has been presented with.

To do this I ensured to use the same colour scheme – of Black, Red and White – as my film in my film poster. I did this because they are very common conventions within the horror genre as Black connotes the unknown, darkness, coldness and evil and Red is associated with danger, blood and the devil, this again clearly links the products together with the constant use of the red balloon throughout the film, as well as linking it to the genre so the audience is clear what kind of film they are about to watch and whether they will like it or not.

The horror genre runs through my ancillary texts this was my chosen genre of my film as well as a hybrid with physiological thriller. This is clearly illustrated within my poster also with the use of a completely blank background of darkness, which creates a dark mood and sets the tone for the film itself. As well as this, the clown mask theme that is a crucial element of my film is also featured on the poster as the main feature image. I chose this to be my main image as it works well as my main focus and iconography in the poster as it represents the genre explicitly well, I also chose to have only half of the clown mask as this further identifies the genre as it highlights the ambiguity of the film and the idea of the unknown as it provides the audience with unanswered questions which is extremely common in horror films.

My tag line of my poster also relates to the story line of my film and acts as a rhetorical question to entice the audience to be appealed to find out more as it addressed directly to them using the personal pronouns “Your” and “You”.

I have also used clear code and conventions within my DPS that have been used to engage the reader. Instead of using the same colour scheme as my other two products I decided I wanted to differentiate the two different products. As this was a double page spread from a magazine featuring a review of my film, I changed the colour scheme completely however still made it clear there was one, to keep up brand identity, I chose the colour yellow as a contrast to the colours I have used in my other products. I was mainly keeping in mind the target audience of a film magazine, therefore chose yellow as it is a unisex and that is probably the most common target audience for a film magazine. I chose to make my film magazine a unisex target audience to ensure the largest possible exposure to my film and as I chose a genre not stereotypically restricted to just a particular gender I was able to do this therefore creating an effective and successful method to promote my film.