Planning: Kit list & Equipment

After having a little problem booking out equipment with the booking system, we finally managed to book about everything we needed for the two weekends we had planned for filming.

We booked out a Canon 600D 0393, a Libec Tripod, 2 Light panels (0705), a M58 0555 microphone, a Marantz PMD 661 audio recorder and an SD card. Although we did find the booking system slightly confusing and difficult to understand, once we had done it once it was much easier to work through.

kit list booking site

In terms of using the actual equipment on set, we found that the light panels did very little in changing the impact of lighting as we were filming it the daylight and they are too small to make any significant emphasis. However once the light faded, they were useful in making the shot clear without taking away the conventional element of darkness in out horror film.

We did have a major issue with the camera though however, this is because half way through the final day of shooting the camera battery died, which we thought we were prepared for as we had been given a camera battery charger with the equipment. However when we went to charge the battery it turned out to be the wrong size and charger for the camera battery we had. Therefore we were left without a camera to film on. Fortunately a member of our group had a camera accessible to be able to film the last shots on but there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the shots which was frustrating as it was such an avoidable reason for that to happen.

Over than that, we had no further issues with the equipment we chose and used and were happy with the overall outcome of our filming weekends. Although if I was to do it again, I know exactly what I’d change in order to make my film as most professional and believable as possible.




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