Planning: Film Poster


I used a screenshot from my film to create a mock up version of my film poster to get the idea of what i wanted my film poster to look like and i decided to go very conventionally and use many conventions of a horror film. As can be seen in this real media product as the poster for the film poster for the horror film ‘One Missed Call’


I knew I wanted to use the colour scheme, red white and black. Red because it connotes, blood, death, danger and all round is the most commonly associated colour to the horror genre. This is also why I wanted black to be a dominant colour too, to emphasise the idea of mystery, the unknown and evil. However I also wanted to use white to contrast these two colours and make certain typography on the poster standout and some blend in, and genuinely help the overall gaze of the poster when someone would look at it.

I chose to have the title the biggest on the page as i wanted it to be the most eye catching thing as well as the main image which will need to be changed and re photographed as this one doesn’t create the correct effect as i wanted.

The similarities are apparent between my mock and the real media product and this is what I wanted as it wanted it to be instantly recognisable as apart of the horror genre. This can be seen with my use of the tag line being directed directly to the audience with the use of “you” and date being highlighted at the bottom of the page so the audience can recognise that it is in fact a film poster.


Above is my final, completed film poster, as can be seen, I have made significant changes from my mock up to make it more professional but the overall layout and concept remained the same. For example I changed the “are you…” typography to make it less dominant on the page so it clear that that isn’t the title of the film, just the to give more insight into the film and grab the views attention.
I also changed the main image to a more clear, professional photo of the clown mask, to see see the process of taking and choosing this image please click here.
I knew I wanted a simple image of the clown mask as the main image of the poster as it adds to the ambiguity of the film and creates unanswered questions from the viewer and intrigues them to watch the film. Having only half the mask on the poster was an idea I had from the start as i think it adds to the idea of the unknown and lost identity which is a constant theme running through my film.


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