Planning: Film Poster Photography

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 15.00.33

Above is a selection of photo from my film poster main image photoshoot. We played around a lot with the lighting to ensure a variety of options when it came to editing and choosing a photo. I aimed to have a very dark background, simply of just black with light creating the illusion of a mask appearing from the darkness. Some photos like 05, 08 and 12 didn’t achieve the desired effect and the lighting and flash from the camera meant the image was to exposed and too bright for the effect I wanted to create with my poster. Therefore we tried a different light and reduced the flashback and this resulted in photos such as 01, 10 and 11 which i found were quite bright enough and wouldn’t benefit from my post photoshoot editing as it would be difficult to make a dark photo lighter. Therefore we changed the lighting once more and further adjusted the flashback and finally got some usable shots I was happy with such as, 04, 06 and 09. Although I still found these photos slightly too bright for what I wanted I knew I would be able to adjust and edit them to create a darker and more effective photo.


As above, it can be seen that I used photo 06, and cut it in half to make it fit my genre and themes of my film more. I used photoshop of cut of the part of the photo of just the clowns mask to be able to emphasise the brightness and contrast of colours of this against the dark, black background by simply just adjusting the brightness of this part of the photo. By cutting this out, it was simple to adjust the background and rest of the photo to be a lot darker and create a more shadowy effect to contrast the mask and make it stand out more.


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