Research: Horror Short Film Analysis | The Moonlight Man

The film starts off fairly conventionally, with the use of hand held camera which adds to the sense of ambiguity to the opening of the film. It also gives the indication that she is being watched which creates a suspense of what is possibly to come later in the film. It engages the target audience and the enigma codes are supported through editing to be relatable.

The low key lightly also adds to the rise-en-scene and creates anticipation which is highly common in Horror films.

The use of a soundscape and unnatural sound effects when the shadow of the ‘moonlight man’ is shown, creates tension and is used a stereotypical convention of the horror genre to scare, or make their TA jump when they first see it.
By using a silhouette of the villain instead of seeing him clearly for the first time, again highlights the ambiguity and keeps the audience in the dark and guessing so they are intrigued to find out more.

It uses close up and POV shots to allow to audience to identify the vulnerability of the women and to establish that she is being watched and followed. Which gives the sense of terror and they she’s a target, further highlighting the sense of danger and suspense inflicted on the audience.

The costume choice to have the antagonist wearing a mask paralleled with that non-diagetic sound builds tension and the sense of the unknown as well as making the audience aware that something is about to happen, but no one is sure that is it. Typical convention of horror.

The use of jump cuts suggests the disorientation and emotional pain and creates a blurry vision for the audience, allowing them to be able to relate with the vulnerability of the protagonist and create a connection to build sympathy.

Overall the plot is fairly simple using a straight forward linear narrative with a beginning, middle and end. It follows a conventional narrative with the end being one that leaves the audiences feeling lost and confused, yet terrified as the antagonist has won.

Overall the film is very conventionally horror and it is very clear to identify the genre of this film, I will use this as inspiration when producing my own final media product, however I want to challenge and develop conventions slightly more than this film does.



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