Research: A-Level Short Film | “Sketch”

I researched A-Level media studies short films from pervious years to get inspiration and ideas for our own short film we will be creating.

One I came across was ‘Sketch’ Published by Tabby22Lay and it claims to have been graded full marks 40/40 therefore was a A* entry.

I after watching the film, I applied it to Todorov’s theory:

The Equilibrium is the girl feeling lonely and out of place in her life and starts in a familiar setting on what is presumed to be her bedroom.

The Disruption begins when the wardrobe doors open and she is then transported to another unfamiliar location of what looks like a wood or forest. This already is setting enigma codes into the audiences minds as it becomes and have ambiguous setting as the viewer has no idea where it is or what it is as it is literally just a blank unrecognisable location, which starts to build up the audiences engagement and intrigue into the film.

The recognition of the disruption is when the girls draws many different characters and they come to life to create a ‘real life’ ‘superhero’ team and they are met by another group of characters this time dressed in all black with heavy makeup, therefore the audience almost immediately understands that they are the ‘enemy’ and on the ‘bad side’ due to the negative connotations of the colour black.

The attempt to repair is when the ‘good side’ come together to fight against the other good and they then succeed.

The new equilibrium is then when the girl is back in her bedroom and it is made clear that she is now more confident in herself and is less shy and insecure.



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