Research: Coulrophobia

Clowns: What does it feel like to have Coulrophobia:

As in my film, are main focus is a girl who is has a fear of clowns, I researched into the phobia of Coulrophobia

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 15.45.47

I’ve never been fond of clowns. I can clearly remember, at a young age, burying a clown toy I was given, although I’m not sure how old I was at the time.

I think the fear of clowns can be linked to an instinctual mistrust towards any creature whose face is hidden. A hidden or covered face can be universally translated as a signal of deception.

In the article I looked at it showed the difference between a masked face and a non-masked face and how the man whose face is covered brings a “myriad of questions to mind” and they only reason to conceal one’s identity is if you have something to hide. This is what I want to create with my final project, to keep the audience asking questions and take away the element of trust as they can’t read or gauge intentions of characters. To add to this, I am choosing a clown as a masked character as is also has a painted smile on their face, as a masked face on its own conveys deception and the painted smile conveys intentional deception which emphases the element of evil which additionally highlights my chosen horror genre.


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