Practice: 1 Minute Film | Synopsis & Storyboard

Short Film Synopsis Idea 1:

‘See you on the other side’

Genre: Drama

  • Man visis grave, places flowers down
  • Goes into a bar – drinks (and drinks)
  • Man kills himself with a gun

With reference to Tzvetan Todorov:

Equilibrium: Visits Grave

Disruption: Visually unhappy

Recognition: He drinks

Repair: Kills himself 

New equilibrium: He is now dead.



Shot 1:
Long Shot – Him walking to the grave

Shot 2:
Close up – Man/face

Shot 3:
Long shot – Across the bar

Shot 4:
Quick close up shots – The glasses being put down after them being finished

Shot 5:
Close up – Man/face

Shot 6:
Close up – Gun

Shot 7:
Mid Shot – Man with gun, ready to pull the trigger

Shot 8:
Panning shot – Towards the photo on the side. Audio of gunshot in the background

Shot 9:
Long shot – Two Grave, side by side. One with flowers




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