Practice: 1 Minute Film | Filming

When it came down to the filming of our 1 minute film, we did come across a number of slight issues we needed to solve.

One was the actual members of our group and when everyone was able to film. Quite early on, it became clear that finding a time in the week when everyone was free and location that is accessable to everyone was an issue. We found ourselves cancelling and re-scheduling filming multiple times to ensure all the group was able to attend, however this was disrupted once again by a member dropping the subject completely. However this then made it much easier for the remaining 3 of us to organise a date, time and place.

Another was locations, we initially knew that finding a bar that would allow us to film in would be difficult, especially as all the members of our group were underage. Therefore after much research and knock backs, it was clear that finding one would be too complicated for the small task we needed it for. Therefore we decided to rethink our location and synopsis.

We decided to change location therefore the overall summary and plot of the storyline had to change slightly.

Instead of a grave we used a memorial bench, and used this throughout the whole of the film and instead of the gun we used pills – to overdose instead of shoot himself.

This seemed to work and go much more smoothy, therefore we were able to film it in an afternoon with no issues.

We had no issues editing afterwards, as we had the lesson prior to practice.

This is the link to our completed 1 Minute Film, See You on the Other Side.


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