Practice: 1 Minute Film | Location

Original intended locations and plot:

1.) Grave Yard

2.) Bar / Kitchen

Cycler Narrative – ends where it begins – also answers the audiences questions of why he is upsets and what he feels the need to do.

When it came down to choosing a location for our 1 minute film, we decided it needed to be accessible for all members of the group and reachable within a limited travel time to ensure we had as much time to film as possible in the available time we had.

Due to this, after some research we discovered there was not a Grave Yard near enough to our location to be able to maximise potential filming time, therefore decided to change our plot from in a Grave Yard, to man visiting a memorial bench.

Therefore we found a location called Southend Cliff Gardens, where there were a number of benches to choose from, as well as setting a elegant and tranquil setting for our film.location of 1 min film

southend-cliff-gardensPhoto credit:

The location was within 15 minute walk away from our location at college, which was a vital element as no member of our group was able to drive and we wanted to keep budget and spending to a minimum.

Location for one minute filom map.png

Overall, the finding and filming was fairly simple. Although we did have to change slight plot ideas from our original synopsis, we were still able to get our narrative across successfully and was happy with the outcome of the location in general as it set the correct atmosphere – a relaxed, clean, spacious environment – we were trying to convey.


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