Research: Shot Sizes/Types

1.) High Angle looks down on someone, it makes the person or object small and insignificant. This is usually used when they want to show when someone has more power than someone else.


2.) Low angle looks up on something or someone, making it look bigger than it really is. It is the opposite of a high angle and used commonly to make someone look more powerful.


3.) Eye level angle shows the object of the picture looking directly at you, this shows that he or she has the same amount of power as you. However in some magazines it is also used to show sexual tension when it is used with models.


4.) Aerial shot is a shot from above, it could be of a place or scene for a movie. It shows everything that is happening from a birds eye view. It shows the audience everything that is happening at once – a crane shot is used to achieve this.


5.) Close up shots are used to show an something is such a detail that is blurs the background around the image, or takes up the shot entirely. It can be used to get close to the actors so that the audience feel almost involved in what is happening.

6.) Long shots is from a distance, it shows the whole setting. It could be used to show a full scene or an actors full body.


7.) Medium shot is usually from the targets head down to their torso. This is to show their body and well as their face. This type of shot is commonly used in magazines.


8.) Over the shoulder shot are taken from behind a subject to see someone else. It is sometimes used in drama to show someones facial expression . It is more commonly used for when two people are having a conversation.


9.) Point of view shots show the view point of an actor. It is sometimes uses in films to show someones eyesight and what they are seeing.



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